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Volunteering and Service

Founded at the Presidents' Summit for America's Future, and chaired by General Colin Powell. The program's focus is on teen volunteer opportunities.
Places young people from the U.S. in summer volunteer positions providing public health services in Latin America.
Do Something is all about your ideas, your solutions and your vision for a better community.
Nonprofit educational foundation established to help young people develop character and skills for effective living which will enable them to assume the responsibilities of active citizenship.
Features true stories of teen activists and clubs making a difference for animals and the environment.
Summer service opportunities for high school students at 52 cultural, environmental, historical and social service sites nationwide.
Non-profit volunteer community organization with support and activities for abused and neglected children in Orange County, California.
Kids helping kids with serious illnesses through teaching, participating, and performing in the performing arts.
Volunteer opportunities in all 50 states. Enter a zip code and find organizations in that area needing help.
Provides students of all ages in the USA the opportunity to serve and protect national parks, forests and urban communities.
Connects volunteers with organizations to find a perfect match [Canada].
Finds volunteering opportunities with nonprofit organizations within the area.
Helps young people locate meaningful volunteering opportunities in various organizations.
Online resource designed to help young people find volunteer opportunities with animal organizations in their own communities and beyond.