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Information on a program for teens and curriculums as well as reading material.
Through live presentations students are encouraged to develop strong, responsible character as they deal with sexual pressure.
The purpose of this website is to teach chastity from the real life examples of young men and women who have chosen chastity over abstinence.
Answers questions about sex, STD's, relationships, and pregnancy in a straight forward manner.
Abstinence based sex education program.
A reality-based, abstinence-centered pregnancy prevention program used around the world.
Promotes sexual abstinence until marriage. Site is full of resources on teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, illegitimacy, benefits of marriage, and character education.
Promotes the appreciation for and practice of sexual abstinence until marriage.
Increases awareness of the consequences of teenage pregnancy, promotes sexual abstinence as the solution to the problem of teenage pregnancy, and promotes improved parent-child communications.
PATH promotes abstinence only education, curriculum resources, frequently asked questions about teen sexuality, and information on STD's, and teen pregnancy.
Site provides information and support for teens choosing to abstain from premarital sex, alcohol, drugs and similar activities.
Web abstinence based education site. An assortment of articles, editorials, programs, products, and freebies designed to promote sexual abstinence.
Encourages abstinence in order to combat sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.
Teen mentoring program, pregnancy prevention, self esteem, career development, role model, health, youth development.
Abstinence education program, designed to encourage teens to choose not to have sex before marriage.