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Information, training, and advocacy regarding sexuality for youth-serving organizations, policy makers, and media sources.
Site contains extensive links to useful information regarding, birth control, sexual activity and potential childbearing.
Intended to give teens the information they need to take care of themselves and affirm their decisions about sex and reproductive control.
Provides hints, tips, and FAQs for staying safe in a sexual relationship.
Sexual health and STD prevention information for teens, including chat, education, games, and other resources.
An informational health resource for teens looking for answers about safe sex and protecting themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy.
Created by and for young women of color. Provides information on sex, sexuality, and reproductive health.
Supports the Stop, Think, Be Safe program - an STD prevention initiative for youth ages 12 to 15. Provides youth, parents, and teachers with information about STDs and effective strategies for prevention.
Uses questions asked by teens to provide information about the various aspects of puberty.
Advice, help and information about teen sexuality. Special sections for teen gals and guys.
Advice for teens about sexuality, contraception, drugs, smoking, and related topics.
From Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Site with various relationship and sexuality information.