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Twins and Multiples

Life with a new pair of twin boys as seen by their Dad.
An internet community for Canadian parents of multiples featuring articles, classified ads, auctions, discussion forums.
MBC's mission is to improve the quality of life for multiple birth individuals and their families across Canada.
A website for parents of multiple birth children.
An online resource for parents of higher order multiples, featuring private age-based email groups.
Features a variety of twin-specific issues such as preparing for twins' arrival, promoting individuality, as well as pros and cons to school separation.
A place for parents of higher order multiples to get information. Message boards, parenting information, shopping, links.
The web site of the only parent organisation in the UK providing information and support to couples who are expecting, or who have had, a multiple birth.
UK monthly publication for parents and families of twins and multiples.
Information and products for twins, siblings, parents and grandparents.
For parents of twins and twins themselves from pregnancy to school age and beyond.
Provides encouragement, support, tips, and advice for twin moms and women expecting more than one.