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Dedicated to preserving and promoting the civil and inalienable human rights of non-custodial parents.
Professional organization studying the dynamic interaction of the psychological, biological, social, and cognitive systems within the infant and the infant/parent relationship.
National membership organisation in the U.K. for professionals and organisations working in adoption, fostering, and child care.
National non-profit organization that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family, regardless of the parents' marital status.
Nonprofit organization offering financial assistance to families with teenagers participating in cognitive education programs.
Families opposed to the Grandparent Visitation laws.
Provides help to parents, teachers, and members of the community raise children to become responsible adults.
Helps parents, teachers, and members of the community raise children to become responsible adults.
Non-profit organization provides various articles and other information on marriage, parenting and fatherhood.
An organization of grandparents and special others raising the children of other family members.
Offers resources to help parents enhance the development of their children physically, intellectually, and socially.
The Coalition for Quality Children's Media - a national not-for-profit organization that is a voluntary collaboration between the media industry.
KidsPeace gives kids peace through mental health treatment programs, crisis intervention and public education.
Offers friendship, support, and new things to do, as well as an opportunity for their children to learn socialization skills.
Build the profession of practitioners working to increase the responsible involvement of fathers in the lives of their children.