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Writer waxes eloquent on many topics including his daughters.
Articles ranging from the bond between dad and child, character formation, and making the home bright and cheerful.
Activities that long distance dads can do from a distance to maintain and strengthen relationships with their children.
Articles, diaries, expert Q&As, and an opportunity to build community with other fathers.
A site for dads providing help, support, and a chat forum.
A news source that looks at the world through dad-colored glasses.
Dedicated to improving the lives of children, fathers and mothers by supporting engaged, effective fathering during and after divorce.
Promotes shared parenting and works with men and women who are divorced, separated, or unmarried.
Advice, resources, and humor to help the modern dad succeed in changing times.
Information, resources, support, and education for fathers and their families.
Offers articles, insights and on-line surveys for men raising children.
We exist to provide the community with fathering information, education, support, and prevention programs focused on positive parenting.
An online resource for fathers, by fathers, offering stories, advice and inspiration to fellow Dads.
Tips, Tools and Resources for Dads.
Offers Christian seminars around the U.S. to motivate & train fathers.