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Select the punishment from time out, restriction or spanking and this site will randomly select how long or how much the child should receive.
Dedicated to helping parents and guardians help kids.
A new way to raise children, making them more inner-directed as an effective way of creating self-discipline.
Offers tips, tests, and advice for parents of pre-teens and adolescents, with information on problem behavior, drugs, alcohol, education, and parenting difficult teens.
Information about child care, parenting, health, literacy, play, family life, adolescence, and learning activities.
Provides training materials, seminars, and articles for allowing children to grow through their mistakes and live with the consequences of their choices.
Parents, teachers can read articles on discipline, receive answers online to questions, find information on workshops, books, tapes and videos for parenting and classroom discipline.
Offers workshops for educators and parents. Also writes and sells books on teaching and discipline.
Includes information on Redirecting Children's Behavior, other courses, and online resources.
Devoted to helping parents, educators, and counselors develop and improve upon children's self-control and social skills.
Headquarters for the National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools and EPOCH-USA End Physical Punishment of Children .
Giving 'time-out' a new meaning. Parents are always searching for good solid advice when it comes to their family and home life.