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Baby Names

Offers links to resources for chosing baby names, finding name origins, and software for naming babies.
A new baby resource site with loads of articles on baby showers, choosing your baby's name, baby news and other baby related information.
Sortable by gender and origin, including Arthurian legend, Nahuatl, and Norse names.
Offers a list of the most popular baby girl and boy names and their meanings.
Baby Names, girls names over 40940, boys names over 39680.
Source for baby names of Tamil origin.
Search for names by meaning, popularity, and origin, or choose from biblical, Shakespearean, unique, and popular lists.
Extensive database of names browsable by gender and origin. Also shows popularity by decade and user rating.
Origins and meanings of baby names from around the world.
Find the perfect baby name. Browse through over 45,000 baby names, origins, and menaings.
Origins of various baby names, their meanings, facts, and other info.
Provides a list of Irish names for boys and girls, as well as their meaning, pronunciation, and legends.
Features boy's and girl's baby names with meanings and origins.
Directory of 11,000 names telling the gender, origin, meaning, and user star rating.
Database for popular baby names, including regional categories for England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland as well as names for dogs, cats, and ponies.