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Wish Granting

Grants the wishes and fulfills the dreams of children living with HIV/AIDS.
Offers wish granting and support for children afflicted with any form of terminal illness.
Wish-granting organization dedicated to fulfilling a favorite wish for children afflicted with a high risk, life-threatening illness.
Fulfilling wishes of seriously, chronically, and terminally ill children in the northeastern Pennsylvania - northwest New Jersey area.
Help to make dreams come true for children with life threatening illnesses or a severe handicap.
Fulfills dreams for Middle Tennessee children with life-threatening illnesses and offers scholarships to survivors of such illnesses.
Helps make tough times easier for critically ill children.
Giving everyone the chance to experience the thrill of riding a wave, whether they are physically, economically, or developmentally challenged.
Committed to creating cherished moments for children threatened with illness in Collier and Lee Counties.
Makes dreams come true for high risk and terminally ill children.
Grants wishes to children with life threatening diseases.
Mission is to grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses.