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An original personalized birthday song that mentions the child's name eight times.
Made to order CDs for up to 3 names. Australian site ships worldwide.
60 minute CD or cassette of fun songs. Kids will hear their name sung over 40 times within 8 songs.
Custom songs for birthday and Christmas. Includes song samples and lyrics.
A half-hour music video with 12 original children's songs. Video can be personalized with a theme song to be used in personal home videos.
Personalized music and songs for kids, with child's name as part of each song.
Music by Jonathan Hatch and Kathy Flaherty. Appropriate for ages 0-7.
Providing CDs and cassette tapes with personalized and classic Songs for children.
Personalized song designed to teach toddlers to remember their own telephone number. Incorporated into the song is the child's name, as well as number.
Album, titled 'Jesus Knows Your Name', consists of eight personalized biblical songs for children with the child's name included in each song.