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Includes sound files of several of his songs and information on his albums Imaginary Mountains and Time of Wonder.
International composer Terry Grosvenor offers fun and catchy original melodies that are fitted to classic children's poems and stories.
UK site offering educational songs for children. Subjects include school, clothing, and toys.
Original music, as well as standard favorites. Offering samples of some songs.
Original songs written for children's religious services, available on compact disc and cassette.
Offers techniques to use familiar tunes to teach basic ecological concepts.
Award-winning music for kids and other wild animals, by Geof Johnson.
Offering energetic and rhythmic songs to provide ready made exercises for educators and parents alike.
Musician and storyteller based in Nashua, NH. Information on his recordings and performances.
Songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s re-recorded for kids and parents to enjoy together.
Offering original music and chants designed for children.
Creates musical cassette tapes for toddlers, featuring children's characters, original songs, and sing-a-long fun.
Providing audio and video products for children and parents.