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Play With Your Food

Play games, send holiday cards, enter a contest, and learn about drinking healthy beverages such as 100% apple juice.
Check out this super-cool site, where you can play games, do activities, and get recipes. Also in French.
Play some shockwave games, send a e-card, and do some crafts with these ice cream makers.
Join the hunt for the missing Cap'n and play cool games to get more clues! You can also create your own messages on the word wall.
Come visit this land and learn about the Chateau's bewitched jelly beans and how to spot them.
Online games, coloring pages, screen savers, and more.
Did you know that a cow can produce 10 gallons of milk each day? Learn more cheese facts from Professor Cow, then play some games like the 3-D Cheese Fling.
This place is sweet! Come here for some recipes, fun and games, or a chocolate tour.
Includes trivia and word games, dino cards, and secrets on how the eggs hatch.
Get creative with this site that provides instructions on how to make over 60 recipes and treats using Rice Krispies.
Find out what's new with Kellogg's in the United Kingdom and have some fun too! Includes online games and special features on Olympic events.
Puzzles, coloring book, and other fun stuff from this candy maker from the United Kingdom.
Official site for the milk chocolate eggs with a toy inside.
Check out games and nutritional facts at this Kraft site for kids. Then visit the Interactive Decades exhibit to see how people lived between the 1900s-1970s.
This candy-based site has a bunch of online games for you to play.