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Online Stories

Library of electronic picture books. Requires free registration.
Faithful John is a story of adventure, magic spells, and faith and more.
Animal-based government crime fighting agency that battles many foes, most notoriously CRUST and the Cyber Tooth Tigers. Kids ages 8-12 act as self-appointed field agents, filing their own reports to the Bureau and solving mysteries.
Illustrated stories, fun pages, educational games, activities.
Small collection of bedtime stories for 5- to 11-year-olds. Written by Gordon Dioxide.
A collection of stories with illustrations.
Online novel about an American girl who goes to boarding school in England.
Children's Literature telling the story of Bobby Raccoon, Jerry Muskrat, Johnny Chuck.
Collection of free, illustrated online stories for kids.
Interactive story about a superhero who encourages and teaches kids about the power of reading books.
Small collection of classic tales in print and audio format.
All kinds of stories - fables, folktales, myths, contemporary fiction and more.
Stories for children of all ages, pre-school through young adult.
Join Mr Storytime as he tells fun and educational stories, animated and narrated in Macromedia Flash and more.
Three illustrated stories; Cry Me A River, Taylor Rabbit, and My Monsta.