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Humor Jokes and Fun

MagicTrickStore [Reciprocal Link]
You can gain the confidence and skills when you learn how to do street magic tricks from MagicTrickStore.
True stories of people who AREN'T the famous horror writer, Stephen King.
Includes daily questions, games and trivia, cards, and more fun stuff!
Offers a booklet filled with thought provoking quotes to tear out and slip into fun places for your child to discover.
Filled with clown jokes, pictures, and interesting facts and memorabilia about clowns.
What's a droodle? Is it a doodle riddle, or a riddle doodle? Check here to find out!
Play all sorts of interactive games here, including The Dancer. Also in French.
Check out these goofy pictures of goofy people making goofy faces.
A self-proclaimed page for annoying people, practical jokers and lovers of silly stories.
Com what's the world's longest bridge.
Everything you need to know about making your own comic.
Com offers a cool student dictionary and Word of the Day.
Play games, like Lemonade Larry and Space Jumble, or try a quiz game for a different sort of fun.
E-comics, brain bogglers, mystery puzzles.
Com this fun site lets you turn your words into secret messages.