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An excellent source of information about Afghanistan such as geography, flags, and maps.
The country's history, culture, geography, and politics. Also includes news, recipes, and biographies.
Site features biographies of Indian Freedom Fighters.
Learn how to fold an origami swan or seven Hindu tactics for greeting a neighbor. Study the history and the present of Asia.
Check out this group that's dedicated to nature conservation in India as well as preservation and management of all forms of wildlife and their natural habitats.
Educational series about the history and evolution of Japanese incense traditions and ceremonies.
Did you know that the people who invented pistols, paper and parachutes.
Kids portal based in India features news, folktales, and in-depth information about the land and its people. Also offers stories, books, poems, activities, forum, and school sections.
An online illustration gallery with many colorful Illustrations about the Korean culture including its language, traditional clothing, foods, and entertainment.
Visit this museum in Dallas, Texas and learn about its current exhibits. While you're here you can explore the cultures and religions of the regions that the artwork comes from.
A virtual village, with Japanese folklore monsters and ghosts. With games, forums, and community interaction.