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History of the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, in English, French, and German. Includes maps and photos.
Photos that show the wall from the 1970's to the 1990's.
Com presents history through the eyes of those who lived it. Includes first-hand accounts of many wars and other historical events.
First hand accounts, illustrated with vintage photos and complimented by original radio broadcasts.
Understand the connections between history and the choices you make every day.
Access a collection of audio files that provides a more complete picture of major events of the 20th century.
General history site with topics linked to the English National Curriculum. Suitable for primary and secondary ages.
This time capsule will travel for 50,000 years. When it returns to Earth it will share our history with future humans.
Collection of pictures, songs, and history. Join the History Forum and Genealogy Register.
Read passenger lists and genealogies, learn about the ship and the history of the trip, and read some original documents by and about the Pilgrims.
Covers battles, sieges, weapons, equipment, treaties, military units, individuals.
Read interviews with hundreds of people from mountain regions around the world. Learn about life in Kenya, Pakistan, China, and Nepal.
Includes facts about regions, chiefs, famous women and fun pages.
Explore their vast list of good history sites.
A large collection of original texts, encyclopedias, and other information and tools for the study of history.