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Learn about saving energy and using electricity and natural gas safely.
Read about alternative fuels that are being used in place of fossil fuels. You can learn about the benefits of these fuels and find information on alternative fuel vehicles.
Find out all about solar energy and technology in Arizona.
Find out all the different ways this fuel can be and is being used and even watch some cool videos on biodiesel.
Find out why you should power down and use fewer resources this Earth Day, April 22.
Free online course teaching electronics and magnetism.
Com megawatts of info and fun await! Read a story, try a science project, learn about renewable resources, play with puzzles, meet super scientists, and lots more.
Provides basic educational information about geothermal heating and cooling technologies.
Cool cartoons that will have you experimenting with food, sound, light, math, clothes, and lots more.
Are you up for the challenge to 'Ignite Creative Energy' by developing an energy conservation project.
Walk aboard an authentic offshore drilling rig, the renowned and historic 'Mr. Charlie.' Site includes pictures and info on the history of oil and the oil industry.
Com learn all about it, try some activities, or choose a hydro tour of fascinating facts. You can even walk through a hydroelectric project.