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Experiments & Activities

Cool science and math activities for students and teachers.
Visitors can download a variety of software that teaches population, migration.
Experiments for parents, teachers, and children.
Com features visual oddities and optical illusions.
Scottish science club for kids with experiments, investigations, and local news.
Try your hand at these experiments in earth science, chemistry, and physics.
Check out news stories written about all kinds of science topics.
Meet Bob, find cool experiments, get answers to your questions, and find sites about the science topic of your choice.
Check out the cool experiments you can try.
Tour the interactive learning experiences and check out an experiment to try at home.
Includes an experiment entitled 'What Stores Energy Best.
Guide to projects, topics, experiments, and tips for successfully completing a science project.
Step inside Suzy's Place and Suzy's World for fun science experiments, crafts, coloring, recipes, and more.
Have fun in Professor XYZ's lab playing games, solving missions, learning about scientists, trying experiments, and more.
Check out this awesome site for science field trips, adventures, and experiments. You can even see live cams from science museums around the globe.