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Astronomy & Space

Learn about NASA's exploration of extrasolar planets, which are planets outside our solar system.
Learn about U.S. states and test your trivia knowledge about the world and space.
Learn about the solar system or take a tour of Mars and the stars.
Experience a virtual travel through the dimensions of our world and beyond.
Online page of Sky and Telescope magazine, covering all sorts of astronomy topics.
May 2, 2002 is Space Day. Check out the activities and play some games. Requires Flash.
Check out this site from NASA and JPL and learn all about different space topics.
Features space and science news stories, interactive games, questions and answers, contests, kids' submissions, and weekly polls.
Listen to actual recorded sounds from space and audio from space missions.
Do-it-yourself TV show on naked-eye astronomy.
Provides photographs, diagrams, and the history of the astrolabe.
News on camp programs, plus images, sound clips, video, and other space links.
Gives the current time, synchronized by NIST.
Get the answer to this question and more; such as why sunsets are red, why Mars is red.