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Astronomy & Space

This electronic encyclopedia is a great resource for the both the beginner.
[ Kids/Teens ] - Learn how to build a rocket while discovering the mysteries of Aurora Borealis and remote mapping.
Stars, planets, black holes, Junior Astronomers Club.
Get information on all sorts of astronomical and space topics from this popular U.K. magazine's site.
Resource for amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts.
A 3D game-like computer interface that allows students to virtually explore remote places like Mars and other planets.
Educates and inspires kids to pursue advanced studies in science and engineering.
The site is authored by Carolyn Collins Petersen, an accomplished astronomy writer and part-time Hubble researcher.
Space-related education, games, merchandise, NASA content and photos geared toward kids, parents.
Check out this learning center filled with special detailed 'courses' on Mars and space-related topics.
Com this neat site from NASA is a fun way to learn about NASA's projects and science with news stories, info.
Multimedia exploration of Earth and space from everyone's favorite rocket scientists.
Look up articles about space written for a variety of reading levels.
Offers self-taught printable versions of space lessons from kindergarten to high school.
Galaxies, stars, and planets - how did they get here.