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Games and Puzzles

Play interactive games such as Math Bingo, Hidden Picture.
Join Aunty Math and have fun working out her math challenges in lots of different ways!
Collection of interesting brain teasers, riddles, logic, language, and math puzzles.
Explore this amusement park of mathematics! Have fun with interactive activities.
Read stories and jokes published by kids or submit your own. There's also Math games to play and puzzle pictures of people, nature, animals, and Pokemon to unscramble.
You're stranded on the slimy planet of Knab and need to earn enough money to get back.
Play games and earn free prizes while honing your money sense! Get the scoop on running a business.
Cool cartoons that will have you experimenting with food, sound, light, math, clothes, and lots more.
Includes animated, multimedia adventures to make learning more fun. Try out the stickerbook, art area, or math and language games.
Practice your math skills with electronic flash card drills.
A fun baseball game to practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills.
A magic chalkboard takes you to interactive math explorations, games, contests, crafts, questions, and a math art gallery.
Interactive, animated tutorials, quizzes, and games all about algebra!
Great resource for everything math. Try out some games, learn about top jobs in math, visit Numberland, and be sure to have fun!
Sharpen your math skills with these word problems for grades 1-5.