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Forum for young writers to exchange knowledge on various types of writing.
A step by step aid in the construction of writing skills.
Offers details on learning to write numbers and letters, also offers practice worksheets.
Includes hints, tips and ideas.
Offers kids and teens a chance to share their thoughts in the form of stories and poetry.
Teaches students how to structure a paper and improve their proofreading skills.
Offers paragraph writing help, composition of a paragraph and instructions for writing.
An online writing tutorial; takes students through the actual steps of writing a paragraph online.
Children's magazine that publishes poetry, short stories, book reviews.
Online search engine rhyming database. Plug in a word and get a list of potential words that rhyme.
Resource for teenagers to post, read, and review their thoughts in form of articles.
Provides sentence making tips, techniques of how to structure a sentence and clarification on confusing words and verbs.
Solicits and publishes teen writings; also offers writing tips and a manuscript/mentor service.
Publish your writing, get writing tips, enter contests, and recommend books for other kids.
Offers help to young writers in publicizing their writing in a small community.