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Read, listen, and look at the Grimm Brother's Fairy Tales in these fully animated versions.
Listen and read along with this classic tale. Site requires Flash plug-in.
Animated versions of classic american tales like Paul Bunyan.
Summary guides to classic literature.
A fully animated version of the classic tale.
Flash-animated retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen tale.
Includes information about Shakespeare's plays and poems, fun activities for students.
The synopses and on-line texts for the Famous Forty Oz canon, with cover art and illustrations where available.
Includes text, biography of the author, crossword puzzle, quizz, and newspaper article.
Online editions of classic children's books from the golden age of children's literature (1880-1922).
Includes his tragedies, comedies, historical plays, poems, related reading and a brief biography.
The original text complete with all the rhymes and scanned illustrations.
[ Kids ] - Flash-animated retelling of the tale by the Brothers Grimm.