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Meet the author, ask her a question, and take a look at the books she's written.
Official site for this author/illustrator whose works include Abuela, A Monster in the House, and The City by the Bay.
Read this author's biography, see what books he has written, and preview the ones that are on their way.
Author and illustrator known for stories about Zelda & Ivy. Read her biography, find out what she has written, and more.
Read some riddles, rhymes, and puzzles at this Portugese, Spanish, and English site.
Author of picture books for elementary age children with math, science and more.
Learn about the author of Miracle Max and find out about her real dog, Max.
Biographical information, a few pictures, reviews of her books, and info on many of the stories she wrote.
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Includes this author's biography, descriptions of her books and how she wrote them, and illustrations.
Join this prolific author on her official site and learn all about her life, her books, and check out some photos.
This childrens' author offers lesson plans, book reviews, and information about her novel.
Learn about this author of adventure fiction stories for young adult boys.
Com great information about this wonderful author's life, his books, fun games to play, and lots more.
Learn about the historic home of Louisa May Alcott in Concord, MA.