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Com this great collection lets you meet amazing Americans, jump back in time to important historical periods, explore the states, or see, hear, and sing bits from America's past.
Find out about the Artemis Fowl series, as well as other books written by Eoin Colfer. You can get to know the characters, read an interview with the author, play games, and much, much more.
Learn what biodiversity is and why it's important on this site from the World Wildlife Fund.
Learn about the religious influences, geography, and early civilizations of ancient India.
Promoting appreciation for these miniature marvels with lots of info and images. Check out the butterfly wing pattern module too!
Get answers to your burning questions about dinosaurs, American history, the 50 U.S. states, the solar system, and more. From Kenneth C. Davis, the author of the Don't Know Much About book series.
Get episode summaries, downloads, dragon and human character information, and learn about Dragon City. Once you're up to speed, battle your friends or the computer for glory and fame!
Official site of the olympian.
Realize how math, science, and technology play an important part in the world around you, play cool games, and find out about all sorts of careers that you can have! From the Girl Scouts.
Explore the interactive maps of the U.S.! Choose which features you want to see, such as cities, rivers, population information, or transportation, then click to view the map.
Offers photos, maps, and narratives on places all over North and Central America.
Lists all kind of superstitions and even has a search feature so you can find out superstitions about cats, ladders, or mirrors more easily!
Step into this origami world that has been created entirely out of folded paper! Get instructions on how to make various items, search for hidden diagrams, create your own Oriland, and much more.
Find out more about this awards program, learn how you can sign up, and find out which activities are on the list!
Check out news stories written about all kinds of science topics. You can also play games and puzzles, read SciFi stories, and get ideas for activities!