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Web Page Design

Ten 'rules' for the creation of a site layout.
Kids update this collection regularly which includes aliens, animals, fonts, holidays, icons, robots, sports, toys, weather, and more.
Check out thousands of images organized into lots of categories to help you find what you're looking for!
Find out what the fields of science and technology hold for girls. Learn about cool science jobs, find out how to make your own web page, and meet some techy girls.
Interactive Web Design tool for kids and educators. Registration required.
Offers many different layouts and graphics. Also includes HTML generators and website building resources.
Explains how to create your own web page including help with html, dhtml, frames, java, and more. Also in French.
Help with website design including tutorials, graphics and layouts.
Explore this pixelated garden, where digital angels, electronic pets, and even famous character icons dwell.
A site for people interested in WYSIWYG design and so forth.
Make some magic at this site that will show you how to design your own web page. Find everything you need to create a first-rate site including HTML basics, a great glossary that explains all the terms, and instructions on how to add pictures and animation.