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Provides a tutorial, glossary, and a history of computers.
A form that can be printed out and used to evaluate websites.
Offers games, news, a kids club, search tips, a Web wizard, cool sites and information for parents and teachers.
Offers tutorials on using a computer and making a website. Includes a history of computers and a glossary.
Just for kids, lets you create your own home page, print your own cards and stickers, make your own comic strip, send e-cards and play games online.
Committed to sharing children's music, stories, and art from around the world through the Internet.
Online survey panel where kids 6-14 can tell the companies that make products for them what they think of those products.
Offers free resources for Web designers of all ages. Features tutorials, HTML editors and fonts.
Animated email cards for children. Birthday, holiday, and get well cards.
Learn about the Internet and computers, also offers news from the cyber ethics front.
An international competition where student teams create educational Web sites. Open to kids from 12 to 19 years of age only.
Non-profit organization provides free ebooks and games relating to each story.
Provides the history of the World Wide Web, HTML, free images, tags and attributes, downloads and tips and tricks.
An introduction to the Internet and the Web and how to get started using them.