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Parents seeking childcare can obtain a list of providers in the greater Chicagoland area.
Offers a directory of day care centers and child care providers. Includes resources for parents and providers.
Directory includes daycare centers, group day homes and registered family homes in the state of Texas.
A free nationwide search for child care in the United States. Family as well as 1 to 1000 center providers welcome.
State by state listings, licensing requirements, products and news articles.
A comprehensive list of daycare providers both private and commercial.
Pass along vital information about your children, home and pets quickly.
Childcare directory for parents in the high desert area in California.
A child care referral service for licensed child care providers in Douglas County, Colorado.
Provides lists of day care providers in central Indiana.
Educational ideas for teachers, parents and providers. There is a vast amount of information.
Improving the quality of child care by providing parents and providers with useful information.
Offers a directory of state licensing agencies.
A meeting place for parents and sitters. A site where parents can find a babysitter within their zip code.
A provider of qualified childcare professionals to Chicago's downtown and near north side.