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Founded at the Presidents' Summit for America's Future, and chaired by General Colin Powell. The program's focus is on teen volunteer opportunities.
Official site with historical background, a photo gallery, and visitor information.
Baby Sun Protection offers baby sunglasses, stroller sunshades, baby jogger sunshades and more.
Exlores and explains the world of safe boating to kids.
30 Mb. No ads. An advanced web host aimed towards kids who have a lot of knowledge in HTML and CGI.
The restored 18th-century capital of Virginia.
Baby bedding, baby cribs, crib sets, kids bedding, iron cribs and beds, custom children's room decor at Cradle 'n
International Association of marketing students, provides members and advisors with development activities.
Builds communities by organizing youths to create and distribute free Glories Hats to children suffering from serious illness and cancer.
Learn about the animals at this zoo located in Roanoke, Virginia.
Greenbriar West Elementary School, Sully District, National Capitol Area Council.
Chartered by Winston Knolls Civic Association. Most of our Cub Scouts attend Orange Hunt Elementary School.
Allows young people to report violence, illegal activity, sexual abuse and suicide threats anonymously.
A national organization serving nearly 250,000 high school students who are enrolled in training programs in technical.
Read about the birthplace of Robert E. Lee, the history of the Lees in Virginia, and the archaeological dig which is trying to find information about the plantation.