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Offers wilderness based horse, fitness, and adventure camps to girls aged 12-16 in Montana, Alaska, and Washington.
A site about Fred Morsell's portrayal of Frederick Douglass.
Illustrated stories, fun pages, educational games, activities.
Explore this Montana park and find out what there is to do there!
Read about this park's history, and look at pictures in the photo gallery.
Focuses on the prevention of wildfires caused by people on the forest and rangelands of Montana.
Montana facts, history, and fun things for kids to do around the state.
Com includes games, pictures, and tons of information about Montana's history, plants and animals, interesting locations, and more.
Dedicated to the preservation of natural resources and wildlife heritage in Montana.
Learn about this western Montana organization's study of owls, and use the owl identification guide.
Non-profit organization directed at the support and initiation of research and information concerning wolverines.
2-4 week summer programs in rock climbing, sea kayaking, backpacking, and whitewater kayaking and rafting for ages 12 - 18.
Learn about the history of this gold mining city.
Middle school science and English projects.