There are all kinds of things to do here for kids, babies, preschoolers on up. We have information about games, coloring pages, stories, and lots of information about living things. Have fun and don't forget to try.


Ideal baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas, christenings or any other special occasion.
Discover the history of this Japanese garden and take a virtual tour.
Animal shelter's site with tons of information on pet care and behavior, help with finding lost dogs, links to animal sites, and much more.
Learn about the history of this breed, see photos of dogs up for adoption, and find out if a Collie is right for you.
Directory of sites covering school subjects from kindergarten to high school.
Personalized books, bears and balloons.
Online survey panel where kids 6-14 can tell the companies that make products for them what they think of those products.
Furniture and room accessories for children.
Official site for the current Attorney General of Illinois, Jim Ryan.
Web abstinence based education site. An assortment of articles, editorials, programs, products, and freebies designed to promote sexual abstinence.
Provides information on local program and parent-student resources.
Abstinence education program, designed to encourage teens to choose not to have sex before marriage.
Virtual walkthrough of five teens and young adults making decisions about drinking.