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This very detailed site is a little complex, but has a huge amount of information about this important battle between the French and English in 1066.
Explore the historic village in Wales and discover its history with the Roman Army and King Arthur.
Get to know the people and heritage of the towns in this district of England on this neat site. See many historic photos too.
Go back to the medieval times by visiting this 600 year old house and gardens. Learn about this historic site's background and its ongoing events.
Explore prehistoric rock carvings from Great Britain! Includes info on the North York Moors, West Yorkshire, and the cup and ring carvings.
Take a virtual tour of the Roman Baths and adjacent temple dedicated to Sulis Minerva in Bath, England. Photo gallery included.
Provides an in-depth look into how people may have lived in the Sussex region during the later Iron Age, the Roman period, and early Anglo-Saxon times.
Print and dress up Henry VIII's wives and read about their lives - an interesting snapshot of historical fashions and look into royal life.
Visit stone circles, dolmens, hillforts, and other ancient megaliths located throughout France, Italy, Ireland, and the U.K.
Interactive exhibits offer British history from Domesday to the present. Check out the historical snapshots, cartoons, and documents too. From the Public Record Office (PRO).