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Learn about this organization that is trying to save bats and their habitats.
The British home for all kinds of animals. Meet Kahra the baby elephant.
Check out animals from ants to white rhinos at this wildlife park in Oxfordshire, England. Visit the farm yard animals, ride on the train, and see the penguins feed.
See pictures and get information about the big rides, zoo, and other attractions.
Take a virtual tour of the zoo and learn about its daily functions. Also has information on Dudley Castle, located in the West Midlands in England.
Check out what this theme park and zoo has to offer.
Check out info about this zoo which is the home of a Tiger Sanctuary and Lemurland! You can also meet some of the animals that live here.
Pictures of Nature, the Wilderness and the Bears of Alaska, from Great White Shark, Breaching White Shark, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark, Lemon Shark, Sharks, Sea birds and Underwater photos from all Oceans.
Visit this Winchester zoo and learn all about their animals, zoo programs, and current news.
Meet the primates who live here and get visitor info for this centre located in Wareham, U.K. Learn about medical care for the apes too.
Explore the deep reef and experience what it is like to be a diver without getting wet. Find out about sharks, seahorses, coral reefs, and other underwater life.
A rescue, rehabilitation, and release center for seals in the Helford Estuary, in Cornwall, England.
Explore the wild world of otters and butterflies on this page from the Buckfast Butterflies & Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary in Devon, U.K.
A unique zoo in England that is home to some of the world's most endangered plants and animals. Lots of great pictures and fascinating facts.
Explore all the rides, animal enclosures, and attractions by opening a virtual map of the park.