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United Kingdom

Visit this independent children's book publisher and check out their book of the month or get info on a few of their favorite authors.
Find out more about the attractions at this amusement park in the Isle of Wight, U.K.
Cool site created by teenagers in the United Kingdom who look after members of their family who are ill or need lots of help. Their site won an international award.
Find out how this London, England center helps homeless youth. You can also play their virtual homelessness game to see how you would cope on the streets.
Keep up with the news in the U.K.
This neat site created by AngliaCampus is chock-full of educational material covering the U.K. National Curriculum, as well as fun games, cool activities, book and movie reviews, and lots more!
Learn about the nature and wildlife, history, and politics of this rock from the National Tourist Board.
Com real life news, great games, global gossip, and lots more fun for kids who are curious about kids in other cultures. Based on the international work of Christian Aid.
Check out info about this zoo which is the home of a Tiger Sanctuary and Lemurland! You can also meet some of the animals that live here.
Learn about this group and find out what they do to help children in need. You can also find out how to lend a helping hand, or read about national and regional news and events.
UK station written, produced, presented and run entirely by kids aged 8-14.
The best of Britain throughout the world.
A place to show the world your toddlers' masterpieces.