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Com join the National Arts Centre of Canada and become a music maestro. Includes info on famous composers, different instruments, and the musicians behind the instruments, as well as sound clips, games, and more. Also in French.
Check out the orchestra's schedule, learn about their educational programs, and find out more about the musicians and their music.
Canadian music group that sings children's songs. Site has lyrics, sound files, graphics, event dates, guest book, and more.
Learn about this Toronto camp's faculty, programs, and daily life. Includes FAQs.
Get to know these popular Canadian children's musicians and performers! Hear sound clips of their songs, see some pictures, and more.
Information on this Quebec orchestra in English and French. Find out about the group's history and what's coming up on their tour.
Discover this orchestra of young Canadian musicians. Check out photos, biographies, and a calendar of performances. Available in French.
Learn all about the orchestra and find out what they're doing this season. Listen to classical music while you poke around the site!
Find out about this professional group of young musicians and read about their latest news.
A selection of books and tapes offered by a bookstore in Nova Scotia. Ships Internationally.