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Elementary Schools

Check out this grade K-5 school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Site is in French and English.
K-12 school located in Toronto.
Explore the programs, projects and student pages in Nova Scotia, Canada.
A Toronto, Canada, school with grades JK to 8.
School for kids in grades K-6 in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.
Read about this Montreal school's classes, sports, activities, and events.
Homepage of this elementary school in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. It contains information about school happenings, projects, and annotated links.
Visit this great web site for a grade 4-5 class in Port McNeill, B.C., Canada. You can read about the teachers and students, learn about web designing, or even check out the view from their classroom.
K-6 school located in Topsail, Newfoundland, Canada.