Choosing Shoes Protect The Little One’s Feet

One of the basic needs of children is clothing and clothing also covers that of shoes that protect the little one’s feet. In choosing shoes for children, we adults should consider a few matters in order to pick shoes that are really proper for them. The socks will allow the feet to normally grow. This will also allow the development of the muscles and the ability of the toes to grasp. As the toddler is learning to walk, it is best that the child does this on barefoot so that he or she may feel through his or her feet. It is only after the children have learned to walk for up to 8 weeks will they need shoes to wear. Children who just knew how to walk are best to wear no slip boot style shoes with soft soles. Such shoes make the feet protected and warm.

A child’s foot will only become fully developed and formed when he or she reaches the age of 6. The bones, ligaments, nerves, muscles and tendons are still soft and may easily be stretched. If you happen to choose poor fitting shoes may possibly damage the young one’s foot. The child who will wear the shoes must be brought along when shopping for children’s shoes so that he or she may try the shoes on and walk with it for a few minutes inside the shoe store. Young feet need adequate support thus choose shoes with laces or buckles instead of elastic and Velcro fasteners. Shoes made of leather are also better than vinyl-made shoes. Leather shapes around the foot better.

Children’s shoes must be flexible and light. The sole or shoe bottom should bend at the toe area instead of the middle area as the foot bends close to the toes. The heel cup of the shoes should also be firm or solid. If buying sandals, choose one with enclosed heels. The sides of the shoes should not be squeezed together when you grab the shoes. Inspect the sole by turning it over and looking at it closely. When it is a rainy weather, children are best to wear gumboots when walking on wet outdoors. They may wear thongs from time to time such as when going to the beach but this footwear should not be customarily worn by children. Sneakers may also be chosen for children but cheap shoes made of plastic are no good. Like thongs, they may be worn only for short time periods.