Organic Baby Care

Nothing is so pure and innocent as a newly born baby.

But in today’s modern world our little ones are exposed to more chemicals than ever before. miessence® mother&baby is a new collection of nurturing products gentle enough for newborn babies.

These products are all natural, eco-friendly and certified organic to food standards. With absolutely zero synthetic chemicals you can now give your baby the purest start to life with miessence® certified organic mother & baby.

Protect your bundle of joy from the ill health effects that synthetic chemicals in many popular baby products can cause.

Miessence® Certified Organic Baby & Mother Care products are 100% Organic, Natural and totally chemical free. Give your baby a head start in life.

Toys For Kids

The explosion of internet retailers of baby products has created a valuable source of information and products for new mothers. Unfortunately, it has also created a source of future customer dissatisfaction for unwary baby products consumers. It is possible to benefit from the good of the internet without suffering the bad by taking a few simple steps before placing an order.

By looking only at the online retailers themselves, it is often hard to distinguish an experienced and reputable retailer from one that is neither. They frequently use exactly the same images to display the merchandise, relying on the images supplied by the manufacturers of the products. They often have the exact same prices, with all of them following the manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. Baby bedding and nursery décor merchandise is a very good example of each of these phenomenon.