Amazing Baby Furniture and Nursery Range at Lollipop Lane

Baby furniture is usually the most carefully chosen and selected furniture set in a house. It needs to be beautiful, soft, elegant and safe. This is exactly the reason why many nursery furniture range at Lollipop Lane would be such a great idea to adorn your baby’s room. With chunky woodwork furniture and very soft curves, the furniture feels warm and cozy, yet is very smooth and safe, so you can leave your baby peacefully asleep or gently exploring the first steps in your house.

The Lollipop Lane has some amazing themes in stock. You can fancy a lakeside theme with gentle pink and light blue. At around 900 pounds you could bring in a Lakepiece nursery room set that would include a cot bed, a changing unit, a beautiful shelf and a nice wardrobe. The 3 piece set would also include an assembly depending on how much you want to put in the nursery room and whether you need open spaces. The Lakeside range has elegant details of carved oak while painted finish in cream looks elegant and smooth.

The Kingsley range is quite inexpensive with the 3 piece set costing you slightly less than 600 pounds. This represents the other end of the spectrum from the Lakeside range, with its dark wood finish that looks tasty, reddish and warm in the overall view. The details of the furniture have been intricately designed too. You can also go with a slightly less brownish Chelsea range. The nursery furniture 3 piece set includes an under bed drawer too and you could purchase it for slightly less than 1200 pounds. The Chelsea range also has a toy box, so you can put all of them in one place when your baby is tired of throwing them around. The Solid oak furniture has a high quality classy design with a solid construction for maximum durability.

With its striped furniture, the Claydon range in solid oak, gives a natural woody touch to your baby’s room. The wardrobe, shelf and dresser are all beautifully crafted for maximum elegance. For those parents who prefer a modern look to the nursery compared to an earthy, brownish look, the Avalon range from Lollipop Lane is the perfect. With smooth panels, lovely white texture and very contemporary modern curves, one can buy a 3piece set in Avalon range for around 1040 pounds that includes the cot bed, changing unit assembly and wardrobe.

For those looking for some promotional offers and discounts, Lollipop Lane has plenty of them. You could save up to 230 pounds on the Vanilla offer that would cost you around 900 pounds for a changing unit, cot bed, wardrobe and some additional pieces of furniture. The Barcelona Beech baby furniture set has an additional bundle free glider chair that can be lot of fun to the baby. You can save up to 300 pounds on the Chelsea range or the Humphrey bedtime, all consisting of the most elegant styles of baby furniture components including shelf, drawer, changing unit and cot bed.