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Products include a baby carrier, potty chairs, step stools, toys, and bibs.
Produces the Over The Shoulder Baby Holder carrier. Also offers kid slings for dolls and books.
Fashionable baby slings and carriers. Slings are made using the finest materials for your baby's safety and comfort.
Multi-position and multi-purpose baby carrier and sling for babies and children, two months to four years.
Comfortable, durable and quality constructed baby sling, available in over 10 different patterns.
Offers a baby sling that combines comfort and safety with high fashion. Also features tips.
Sells over the shoulder baby holder (OTSBH) slings.
Provides baby carrier pouches and slings.
Baby sling catalog for breastfeeding mothers. Also offers cotton diapers, parenting and children books and tapes.
Offers the Baby-Bag baby carrier.
Offers over the shoulder baby carriers.
Manufactures ready-to-wear and made-to-order cloth baby carriers.
Distributor of Over The Shoulder Baby Holder.
Distributor of Over the Shoulder Baby Holder slings and attachment parenting information.