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Satisfaction guaranteed, also offering gift certificates to provide as a gift to others.
Services include baby shoe bronzing and porcelainizing.
Preserve baby shoes and mementos forever in bronze, brass, silver and gold.
Providing shoes containing the child's name.
Metalcraft baby shoe and keepsake preservation.
Offering baby shoes and bronzed impressions of baby's hand and foot.
Baby shoes and keepsakes preserved with its details and colors.
Provides bronzing and electroplating baby shoes and other special momentos.
The best selection of porcelain baby shoe keepsakes.
Squeaky baby and toddler shoes that make a fun squeaking noise with every step your child takes.
Baby shoe bronzing and customizing of other bronze keepsakes.
Hand painted, personalized, porcelain baby shoes and christmas bells.
Personalized leather shoes with name and date of birth embossed on the soles.
Baby shoe preservation in pewter, silver and gold.
Preserves shoes in bronze, silver, pewter, and gold.