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Baby Names

A database of names arranged alphabetically with origins, meanings.
Baby names, meanings and gender. Searchable by letter and origin.
The unique baby name you choose will put the finishing touches on his or her persona.
Features names, parenting articles, pregnancy resources and newsletters.
Features more than 11,000 baby names and their meaning and origins.
A searchable database of over 3000 Biblical names, each with meaning and etymology.
Names from the Bible, with meanings, origin and brief description of the biblical character.
Provides categorized lists of male and females names and meanings.
Chinese symbols and names translation in design calligraphy.
Specializes in giving genuine Chinese names to help users enjoy the Chinese culture.
Lists names originating from 40 languages. Includes meanings.
Baby names, definitions and etymology. Plus a watercolor painting of each name using the eternal letters.
Provides names of Lord shiva, Goddess shakti, and various devotees.
Irish Baby Names Plus-Anglicized and Gaelic versions of traditional Irish baby names.
Offering a hand painted and personalized name plate including Hebrew text, English name.