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Baby Names

Includes names from around the world for use with babies and pets.
Popular baby names for all nationalities, including unusual baby boy names.
Boy names with name meanings and origins.
Girl names with name meanings and origins.
Thousands of alternative, unique and uncommon baby names; many with meanings.
Baby names, their meanings and origins. Pregnancy, mothering and baby information.
Search automatically through thousands of baby names - by meaning, popularity.
Boy and girl baby names listed by categories, plus other pregnancy services.
Provides the meaning of many of the most common names.
Lists of names categorised by geographic or topical origin, with meanings.
Offers a unique look at naming a child, using 'ingredients' such as outdoor elements.
Suggestions for boys and girls, Italian and Spanish.
Names for boys and girls, including meanings and origin.
Searchable database of names for boys and girls, giving meanings and origins.
Large searchable database including categories such as 'Unisex' and 'Shakespearian'.