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When mothers breastfeed, they are actually delaying their menstrual period. Breastfeeding could also help in proper pregnancy gaps.
Encourages breastfeeding by objecting the view of breasts as taboo and sexual objects.
A worldwide organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection.
Their ONG have been working improving, promoting.
A non-profit organisation which aims to save lives.
Breastfeeding education and support topics, information and resources for expectant.
Childbirth education classes dedicated to teaching methods for a natural birth. Doula labor support services.
Developed by the Health Promotion Agency and contains information for both the public.
A community for parents committed to nursing.
Common sense answers to breastfeeding questions.
An academic, non-commercial, short course on the fundamentals of breastfeeding.
Provides breastfeeding support to mothers and babies through lactation consultations,
Professional advice on breastfeeding babies and the benefits.
Specializes in early post-partum breastfeeding difficulties. Offers private consultations.
Mother's guide to breastfeeding, and consultation.