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Baby Homepages

Born April 18, 2001. Offers many pictures and biography so far.
Born December 11, 2001. Offering photos.
Born on May 13th, 2001.
Born on 12 Feb 2001. Photos, diary and videos.
Irreverent look at the first few years of life from the infant's point of view. Includes commentary.
Family information and pictures.
Photographs of the two children, and information about their personal way of saying goodbye.
A collection of baby pictures and movies.
Born on July 19, 2003. Parents John and Diane Curley. Photos and video clip.
Photos, sound clips and videos.
Born February 11, 2003. Photos at home and in hospital.
Born October 3, 2001. Picture album, guest book and diary.
Virtual photo gallery.
Fully customizable baby websites for people with no web design experience. Features include image upload.
Baby website design service for even the most novice computer user.