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Baby Homepages

Instantly create a site for you baby. You show your baby pictures and tell stories as your baby grows.
Offering a web-based photo book and journal.
Offers free web hosting for baby's first photos.
Offers photo album websites for new parents and parenting information.
Born October 22, 2003. Includes birth details and photos.
The life and times of 'Bingle' chronicled from the age of 28 seconds. Photos, sounds, and videos.
Baby, pregnancy, ultrasound, and birth photos.
Born 1/25/2001 in Nashville. Offering a selection of photos.
Born November 19, 2001. Photos and birth information.
Born October 27, 2003 and September 22, 2004. Photos and movies.
Photo collections organized by age.
Life and times of Ekansh Raghava updated monthly with pictures and his progress.
Born September 29, 2001. Photo galleries, growth charts, and guest book.
Collection of pictures and videos.
Pictures in chronological order by year.